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Smartmedical Launches Emotion AI Android App “I Love UAE” for Emirati National Campaign “Express Your Love for UAE” (Press Release)

Smartmedical (, which develops and licenses vocal emotion technology, announces the launch of its Emotion AI Android app “I Love UAE” for the United Arab Emirates’ national campaign, “Express Your Love for UAE”. The app can identify emotions from speech and evaluate the extent of love for the UAE by analyzing multiple physical properties of the voice. The app is now on Google Play and can be downloaded from

The campaign is organized by Aqdar (the Khalifa Empowerment Programme for Students) and is sponsored by Sheikh Saif. It aims to enhance national solidarity and loyalty amongst the citizenry towards the UAE. “We offer various segments of our society the opportunity to express their genuine love for the UAE. By using Emotion AI Empath, we can visualize how much they love the UAE with an enjoyable application. This is a great tool to promote our campaign,” says Dr. Ibrahim Al Dabal, General Coordinator of Aqdar. “This innovative Japanese technology not only supports our campaign, but also contributes to other projects in the UAE, such as EAP (employee assistance program) and mental health. We have great hopes for this technology.”


In a video address for the campaign’s launch, which was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Abu Dhabi on Oct. 9th, 2016, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe congratulated and expressed his affection for the UAE on the 45th anniversary of its founding. After Mr. Abe’s message, students of the Japanese School of Abu Dhabi introduced an official application for Empath technology. “We are proud of building a bridge of friendship between the UAE and Japan. We believe our technology strengthens emotional bonds between our two countries,” says Hiroshi Koyanagi, a Smartmedical executive director. “UAE is now promoting many campaigns to enhance the happiness of both locals and foreign residents. For instance, a Ministry of Happiness was established this year to boost happiness in the UAE. Empath can identify mental states from speech, so that our technology is effective for evaluating the happiness of UAE citizens.”

Empath is applied in various fields such as mental health, robotics, call centers, and assistance programs. Since its launch, Web Empath API was featured on the Discovery Channel and TechCrunch, and developers all around the world are using Empath technology. With proven achievements, Smartmedical is now expanding their business into the UAE.

About Smartmedical (

Smartmedical Corp., comprised of PCC and ICT self-care divisions, is the leading authority in developing PCC (Primary Care Clinics), new medical service platforms at and near railway stations in Tokyo and major cities in Japan providing preventive medicine. The ICT self-care division supports PCC projects with advanced ICT technology. It develops and licenses Empath vocal emotion recognition technology for mental health care. In addition to mental health care services, the Web Empath API is also employed in multiple service sectors such as robotics, call centers, and VR.

By analyzing multiple physical properties of the voice such as intonation, pitch, speed, and volume, Empath can identify emotions in real-time regardless of language. It has been developed and refined through collaborative research with prestigious universities such as the University of Tokyo and Nara Institute of Science and Technology. Empath won the first prize of the Japan Resilience Award 2015 and an excellence award at the MCPC Awards in 2015.

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