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Smartmedical Corp. Announces Partnership with Siemens Healthineers: Both firms to collaborate on developing medical scanning centers at community primary care hubs (Press Release)

Tokyo, February, 2017. Smartmedical Corp., which plans and develops Portal Care Clinics (PCC) has signed an “agreement of outsourcing radiology equipment” with Siemens Healthcare, Japanese subsidiary of Siemens Healthineers, a leading authority in medical scanning technology, in order to develop medical scanning centers at community primary care hubs.


Smartmedical Corp. has developed PCC as community medical hub for both community residents and commuters, around railway and metro stations mainly in metropolitan Tokyo area. PCC is a new concept of the outpatient clinic as a community medical hub. It functions as a primary care clinic for preventive medicine and general outpatient care, portal-care clinic as a branch of local-core hospitals in cooperation with university hospitals, and poly-clinics which are able to treat patients using multiple physicians with doctor rotation system.


“This collaboration is significant for preventive medicine,” says Nozumu Shibasaki, CEO of Smartmedical. “Japan is rapidly becoming a world-first full-fledged aged society. In order to achieve active and healthy aging, prevention and early detection of disease is essential. By collaborating with Siemens Healthineers, we will establish medical scanning centers at PCC with their outstanding medical imaging technology, which enables patients to have hospital quality check-ups and treatment at their community medical hub.”


“This is our first Managed Equipment Services partnership with a clinic,” says Hideaki Mori, President of Siemens Healthcare. “As the importance of prevention and early detection of the disease increases in a mature society, it is inevitable for us to develop partnerships with community primary care hubs. As a PCC developer, Smartmedical will be our best partner to establish the platform of preventive medicine and primary care to solve multiple medical problems in Japan. We believe this collaboration model is efficient for any country and area.”


They are also planning for remote 24-hour medical scanning services by radiologists utilizing Siemens Healthcare’s latest scanning technology and Smartmedical’s ICT knowledge and experience.



About Smartmedical (

Smartmedical Corp., comprised of PCC and ICT self-care divisions, is the leading authority in developing PCC (Primary Care Clinics), new medical service platforms at and near railway stations in Tokyo and major cities in Japan providing preventive medicine. The ICT self-care division supports PCC projects with advanced ICT technology. It develops and licenses Empath vocal emotion recognition technology for mental health care. In addition to mental health care services, the Web Empath API is also employed in multiple service sectors such as robotics, call centers, and VR.


About Siemens Healthineers (

Siemens Healthineers is the separately managed healthcare business of Siemens AG enabling healthcare providers worldwide to meet their current challenges and to excel in their respective environments. A leader in medical technology, Siemens Healthineers is constantly innovating its portfolio of products and services in its core areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging and in laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine. Siemens Healthineers is also actively developing its digital health services and enterprise services. To help customers succeed in today’s dynamic healthcare marketplace, Siemens Healthineers is championing new business models that maximize opportunity and minimize risk for healthcare providers.

In fiscal 2016, which ended on September 30, 2016, Siemens Healthineers generated revenue of €13.5 billion and net income of over €2.3 billion and has about 46,000 employees worldwide.



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