PCC Primary Care Clinic, Portal Care Clinic, Poly Care Clinic

Provide new urban medical platform inside and near railway stations for patients, doctors, and communities.

The PCC Division offers new urban medical platform inside and near commuter rail stations. It functions as primary care clinics for preventive medicine and general outpatient care, portal-care clinics as a branch of local-core hospitals, and poly-clinics which are able to treat patients using multiple physicians.

Two PCC clinics have been opened in Asakusabashi, Tokyo and Sendai, Miyagi in April 2016. Smartmedical Corp. has dozens of locations under development for PCC projects in Tokyo and other major metropolitan areas in Japan.

Provide new medical services

  • POINT01
  • Promote patient satisfaction and safety

  • ・ PCC provides primary-care functions at commuter rail stations.
  • ・ With our online medical booking system, patients can promptly receive medical care.
  • ・ Rather than the outpatient department of large hospitals, PCC provides alternative poly-care clinics in order to reduce medical expenses.
  • POINT02
  • Benefits for medical institutions

  • Strategic optimization of medical management by utilizing satellite clinics inside and near commuter rail stations
  • ・ Realize more consistent medical treatment from primary-care to advanced medical care.
  • ・ Convenient city center locations attract quality doctors, medical staff, and paramedics.
  • ・ By developing satellite clinics around commuter stations, PCC separates the function ofoutpatient care from hospitals. This functional separation reduces the work-load of doctors in hospitals.

Create a new medical business model

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  • Benefits for stations and railway companies

  • ・ Realize safe and secure stations
  • ・ Enhance the railway company's image and municipal branding
  • ・ ositive economic effects on commercial facilities around commuter stations
  • ・ Contribute to passenger growth and population growth around commuter stations
  • POINT02
  • Benefits for real-estate business and property management

  • ・ Instead of traditional medical malls composed of clinics run by individual private practitioners, the operating body of our medical mall is a healthcare corporation in order to secure business continuity for the property management.
  • ・ Though the rate of commercial tenant turnover is quite high, medical corporations secure stable tenure with a long-term lease.


Inomori Clinic Asakusabashi (established April 2016)

We planned and developed the Inomori Clinic Asakusabashi in Tokyo which functions as a primary-care facility as well as a poly-care clinic, composed of internal-medicine, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, psychosomatic medicine, and dermatology. It is located near Asakusabashi Station on the Toei Asakusa Line operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation and Chuo-Sobu Line operated by the East Japan Railway Company. This highly convenient location attracts both commuters and the local residents.

Clinical departments   :   Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Dermatology.
Address   :   1-30-9, Hulic Asakusabashi Edo-dori 5F, Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Website   :   http://asakusabashi.inomori.or.jp/
Inomori Clinic Sendai (established April, 2016)

We planned and developed the Inomori Clinic Sendai in Miyagi prefecture. This primary care clinic is located at S-Pal Sendai in Sendai Station, one of the largest shopping malls in the Tohoku area. In addition, Sendai Station is the largest terminal station in Tohoku, so this highly convenient location attracts not only commuters and local residents but also customers from the shopping mall.

Clinical departments   :   Internal Medicine, Diabetes Medicine, Cardiology
Address   :   1-1-1, S-Pal Sendai East Building 4F, Chuo,Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, Japan.
Website   :   http://sendai.inomori.or.jp/