ー Empath Use Cases ー

NTT docomo Tohoku Reconstruction Project

NTT DoCoMo used Empath in their Tohoku Earthquake reconstruction project to help relief aid workers who felt distressed. Some aid workers attending to the mental healthcare of Tohoku earthquake victims suffered from mental health problems themselves as they heard victims' stories of harrowing experiences. Empath detected workers' negative mood and referred them to proper counseling and therapy. This project received coverage in the Japanese media by news outlets such as Sankei Shinbun.

Utakata Mood-Light®

Utakata Mood Light is the world's first emotive lighting app. By using the Philips Hue's API, this app changes the colors of lighting responding to your mood during conversation. When you are feeling good, it activates warm colors. When you are down, it responds with cold colors. It's a whole new communication experience!

Future Virtual Interview Project

Linking the Oculus Rift VR headset with Empath, we have created a virtual interview system. In virtual reality, you can interview Ryoma Sakamoto, a legendary 19th century samurai and politician who is very popular in Japan. Ryoma judges your vocational aptitude based on your emotion from speech.

BOCCO Smart Care Project
Powered by Honda

Smartmedical links Empath with Bocco, Yukai Inc.'s easy-to-use messaging robot for children. The robot can identify children's emotions from their speech, not only sending voice messages, but also their emotion data to their parents' smartphones. If children are depressed, parents receive notifications. This function is useful, for example, in cases such as bullying at school.

I'ROM Stress Test App

This unique app enables you to check your mood through communication with different animated female characters. Speak to characters who can detect your mood from your voice! They will cheer you up or console you.

Recruitment Support System

Collaborating with DIAL SERVICE CO. LTD., the leading authority in telephone counseling services, Smartmedical has developed a new recruitment support system connected with Empath. This system enables interviewers to evaluate applicants based on objective emotional analysis by Empath, in addition to their work experiences in consulting.

Qol Mood Checking APP

Smartmedical has developed a mood checking app for Qol, a leading authority in the pharmacy industry. You can check your mood state in several seconds just by speaking to your smartphone.


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