Jibun Yohou (My Mood Forecast)

Visualize employees’ and team mood from their voices. Emotion recognition EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for improving team motivation.

Jibun Yohou (「じぶん予報」: My Mood Forecast) is an EAP app connected with empath which can identify employees' mood from their voices. By analyzing correlation between weather information and moods, the app forecasts diurnal and week-to-week variation of employees' mood. You can check not only individual but also your division's or team mood from an admin page. The app is helpful for improving your employees' motivation.

Jibun Yohou

Smart Call Center System

Smart Call Center System can visualize customers' and agents' real-time moods and provides feedback to agents and supervisors. It improves the success of outbound calls and reduces employee turnover.

System Requirements (PC)

OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8
CPU Dual Core or Quad core
Memory 1GB or more
Browser Internet Explorer V6 SP1 or more, Internet Explorer V7, Internet Explorer V8, Internet Explorer V9, Internet Explorer10
Display Resolution SXGA (1280 × 1024 pixels) or more

System Requirements (Server)

OS Windows Server 2008R2/2012(64-bit recommended), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x(64-bit recommended), or CentOS 6.x(64-bit recommended)
CPU Dual Core or higher
Memory 2GB or more


Apple Watch初の音声感情解析アプリ Apple Watchに話しかけるだけで簡単に気分チェックができる音声気分解析アプリ。米国大手インターネットメディアTechCrunch紙に掲載。ディスカバリー・チャンネル内のNewsWatch TVにて特集される。

EmoWatch is the first vocal emotion recognition app for Apple Watch. Based on Empath, Smartmedical's proprietary vocal emotion recognition technology, the app identifies and tracks users' emotions from their voices, regardless of language, by analyzing multiple vocal properties such as intonation, pitch, speed, and volume. The app is featured in various media reports such as TechCrunch and NewsWatch TV on the Discovery Channel.


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